Jaguar Pre-Paid Maintenance

Driving a luxury vehicle through Newtown Square or Wayne, PA means having a vehicle that you’re proud of. The best way to properly care for this vehicle is to ensure you have a routine maintenance plan that delivers incredible peace of mind. The Jaguar Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan is a great way for you to ensure your new and pre-owned Jaguar models are treated with care and last you for a very long time. With nationwide service at multiple locations throughout the US, you can rest assured your Jaguar model will be maintained no matter where you travel. And the best part? You can pay up front for this service or roll it into your vehicle financing payments on a monthly basis.

Pre-Paid Maintenance

oil change

When you opt for the pre-paid maintenance plan, you’ll have a variety of everyday services that are included for your vehicle’s safety and longevity.

  • Inspect fluids
  • Inspect tire pressure and treads
  • Inspect brake pads
  • Check battery
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Replace air cleaner
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace pollen filter
Model Plan Retail Price
2016 XF 3 Year Plan $750
(3 Services)
2016 XF 4 Year Plan $1,100
(4 Services)
2016 XJ 3 Year Plan $1,000
(3 Services)
2016 XJ 4 Year Plan $1,400
(4 Services)

Maintenance Plan


If you’re interested in maintaining your vehicle, you can do it through the Jaguar maintenance plans, which replaces the following when necessary:

  • Front Brake Pads (Set)
  • Front Brake Disc (Set)
  • Front Sensor
  • Rear Brake Pads (Set)
  • Rear Brake Disc (Set)
  • Rear Sensor
  • Driver Wiper Blades
  • Passenger Wiper Blades

Maintenance Wear and Tear Plans (Available on all 2016 models)

Model Plan Retail Price
XF 3 Year Plan $1,575
XF 4 Year Plan $2,000
XJ 3 Year Plan $1,600
XJ 5 Year Plan $2,000
F-TYPE 3 Year Plan $1,850
F-TYPE 5 Year Plan $2,400

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