Can I Get Car Repair Financing?

Car keys and a credit card on top of a signed car loan

Yes, you can get car repair financing. Learn the fundamentals of car repair financing with our expert finance team here at Jaguar West Chester. This option is great for those drivers in the West Chester area who may be putting off important vehicle repairs because of their current budget. Driving a vehicle that needs maintenance now could cost you significantly more in major repairs later. We also don’t want you driving in an unsafe vehicle— for your safety and that of your Chester Springs neighbors. Learn about your car repair financing options so you can address your needs comfortably and promptly.

What is Car Repair Financing?

Car repair financing can make your necessary repairs more possible within your current budget. Auto repair loans are usually personal loans and whether they are secured or unsecured can vary by lender. If the loan is secured, the vehicle’s title will likely be used as collateral. A credit check is usually required to obtain a car repair loan. So if you are considering a car repair loan, it would be worthwhile to get a recent credit report to see where you stand.

These car repair loans are designed to help you cover the cost of important vehicle repairs like oil changes or tire rotations. Some service warranty programs help to eliminate the need for an auto repair loan altogether:

  • New car warranties
  • Extended warranties
  • Used car warranties
  • Collision insurance

However, if you are not covered by one of these denoted warranties, expenses, like repairing damages from an accident or replacing faulty parts, could be costly situations to find yourself in. This is where car repair financing can help greatly.

Should I Consider Car Repair Financing?

You should consider car repair financing after you ask yourself the following questions. These questions can help you see if repairing your current car is worth is vs. getting a new car completely.

  • How much is your car currently worth?
  • What would it cost to buy a new or used car?
  • What is the overall cost of the necessary repairs?

Car Repair Financing for Bad Credit

Car repair financing is possible for those with poor credit, though you can expect to pay a pretty high-interest rate on the funds that you borrow from your lender. For that reason, those with less-than-ideal credit should be sure to ask themselves the aforementioned questions to see what is best for your current financial situation.

Our Finance Experts are Here for You

If you have any questions regarding car financing in the Newtown Square area, the team here at Jaguar West Chester would be more than happy to answer then for you. Stop by today the dealership or contact us beforehand to begin the car repair financing conversation. Feel free to browse our inventory of new and used vehicles as well if you determine a new car altogether is your best option.

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