Jaguar XE thrills the senses on closed track in Northern Spain

May 26th, 2015 by

Thrilling, stunning, exhilarating- these are the reviews for the new Jaguar XE, as our friends across the pond already have the chance to sit behind its wheel and discover its brilliance first-hand. Watch as the Jaguar XE makes its way to Circuito De Navarra in Northern Spain and shows off on a closed track. Watch first, then close your eyes and just listen.

The Jaguar XE has completely rewritten the rules of luxury and superior performance as it makes its way to Jaguar Wets Chester later this year. Instantly recognizable as a Jaguar model, the Jaguar XE looks like a Jaguar and drives like one, but if you close your eyes and listen, you’ll hear the difference in its modernized engine- the 3.0 liter engine with various Stability system options and the new Torque Vectoring by Braking technology. It’s all set in place to exhilarate its performance and in turn, thrill you behind the wheel. We’ll be sure you’re the first to know when it arrives.

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