How to Connect to Jaguar Bluetooth

Jaguar Bluetooth Connection

If you’ve purchased a new Jaguar in West Chester, you have a wealth of cutting-edge technology at your fingertips every time you get behind the wheel. One of the most popular systems is Jaguar InControl Bluetooth, a multimedia system that offers hands-free convenience for your mobile devices. Not sure how to connect to Jaguar Bluetooth? Learn the basics of Jaguar InControl Bluetooth with Jaguar West Chester, and feel free to reach out to our service department with any questions!

Step-by-Step Jaguar Bluetooth Set-Up Instructions

Learning how to connect to Jaguar Bluetooth only takes minutes, and this smart feature can save you tons of time on the roads of Newtown Square. Before you begin, grab your smartphone, and get behind the wheel of your Jaguar. Then, simply follow these easy Jaguar Bluetooth set-up instructions:

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Turn your vehicle on.
  3. Your vehicle may display “Touch to Connect Phone” on the touchscreen or you may need to select “Bluetooth” and “Pair New Device,” depending on your year and model.
  4. Find the Bluetooth settings on your phone and search for new devices.
  5. Choose your Jaguar from the list of available devices; select to connect.
  6. Confirm the passkey that is displayed on the touchscreen.
  7. Allow access to contacts.

You can now take advantage of the Jaguar InControl Bluetooth features!

Jaguar InControl Bluetooth FAQs

Still have questions about Jaguar InControl Bluetooth? Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions from the Jaguar website:

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth® is a short-range radio frequency technology that is capable of transmitting voice and data wirelessly.

How can I use Jaguar Bluetooth Connectivity?

Bluetooth® technology allows you to remotely connect a compatible mobile phone to your Jaguar to make and receive calls and use other key mobile functions. Connecting via Bluetooth® gives you the freedom to leave your mobile phone handset in a briefcase or a pocket while driving or parked.

How many Bluetooth phones can be paired to the car at any time?

Multiple phones can be paired; please refer to your specific vehicle handbook for further information. However, only one phone can be connected at any one time.

Once the phone is paired, what do I have to do to make it work in the car?

Every time you come back to the car, it should automatically reconnect to the paired phone. However, this depends on the phone settings and handset compatibility.

Find Out More with Jaguar West Chester

Still have questions about Jaguar InControl Bluetooth or other brand features? Feel free to contact us at Jaguar West Chester. We’re located in West Chester, just a short trip from Aston, and we’re happy to help you with any Jaguar-related needs!

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