The Rise of the Crossovers

March 6th, 2017 by

There has been a rise in the popularity of crossovers in the last several years, with more drivers seeking out vehicles like the Jaguar F-PACE due to their spacious yet manageable dimensions, SUV personality, comfort-oriented drivability, and strong fuel economy. Wayne and Newtown Square motorists are no exception. Learn more about why Americans are increasingly drawn to vehicles in this segment, and check out the 2017 Jaguar F-PACE at Jaguar West Chester.

By the Numbers

In 2016, crossovers led sales at American dealerships, beating out the sedan segment and solidifying the popularity of this class of vehicles on the road. In fact, crossovers outsold all other segments last year by a landslide, comprising almost one-third of all new vehicle sales, according to Wards Auto. Overall, it appears that larger vehicles are making strides among United States drivers, as the combined sales of new SUVs, trucks, and vans hit 60 percent, and analysts and automakers alike don’t expect this popularity to decline any time soon.

The Reason for Crossovers’ Popularity

On the surface, crossovers may not seem that remarkable. Some might even simply call them SUVs. Yet crossovers carry several key distinctions that set them apart and propel them into immense popularity. In a sense, crossovers boast the best of both worlds, as they are built on sedan-like platforms and boast many of the features more typical of SUVs. They handle more like smaller cars, but they have the cargo space you’d expect from a larger utility vehicle. Better yet, the majority of crossovers on the market achieve fuel economy ratings that approach sedan ratings, so there’s less of a sacrifice involved when opting for a bigger model. And considering the stature of most crossovers, they’re much more capable of heading off the beaten path, which, of course, appeals to the adventurer in us all. With all of this in mind, why wouldn’t crossovers be an ideal pick among your options—and why wouldn’t you turn to this segment to meet your every driving demand?

How Automakers are Responding

This significant evidence of the rise of crossovers has led automakers to go big on the crossover segment—including Jaguar. Automakers are racing to offer the freshest crossovers in an effort to remain competitive, and they’re working to make sure they’re as fuel-efficient as possible without compromising cargo capacity. Staying up-to-date on the latest technology to enhance the driving experience remains a top priority, too, and making them retain a level of responsiveness and a sporty edge is gaining traction. In any case, crossovers aren’t going anywhere any time soon—that much is very clear.

Discover Jaguar Crossovers at Jaguar West Chester

Get on board with the latest trend toward crossovers at Jaguar West Chester, where you can find the luxury automaker’s newest crossover models, such as the all-new 2017 Jaguar F-PACE. Our team is happy to serve you in any way you need. Schedule your visit or get in touch to learn more.

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