How to Keep Your Unused Car Healthy

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If you’ve been cooped up at home in Chester Springs or Newtown Square, your Jaguar may be collecting dust. But just because your car is idle doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some TLC! Even when a car looks perfectly fine in the garage, it still needs to get service from time to time to make sure it’s in good working order. Find out our recommended Jaguar maintenance schedule for unused cars at Jaguar West Chester.

Jaguar Battery Service for Unused Cars

Even when your car isn’t roaring down Aston roads, your battery is still degrading with time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • High-tech makes like a Jaguar have multiple computers that are always running, which can drain your battery in just weeks.
  • Starting your car and running the engine for 5 to 10 minutes can have a big impact on your battery’s health, but be sure to open the garage door for proper ventilation if you stay parked.
  • A battery tender or minder can also help maintain your battery’s charge, but be sure to check it before you leave the house.

Jaguar Performance Components to Monitor

What other Jaguar components may need service even if the car is mostly undriven?

  • Brakes: Your brakes are also vulnerable to wear and tear, even when not in use. Your rotors are constantly battling the elements, especially if you park outside. Take a spin once a week to keep rust at bay, and test your parking brake as well.
  • Tires: Check your tire pressure from time to time. Your set will lose air, especially as the seasons change. You can even overfill your tires slightly by 5-10 psi if you know your car is in long-term storage.
  • Gas: Gasoline degrades over time, but a sealed fuel system will help. Consider a fuel stabilizer if you are worried.

Jaguar Interior and Exterior Maintenance for Unused Cars

When you have a car as stylish as a Jaguar, it’s important to keep those good looks in pristine condition! Jaguar accessories like car covers and windshield sun shades can protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and harsh UV rays, and it doesn’t hurt to learn how to clean leather seats to keep them soft. If you’d prefer a professional’s touch, a car detailing can make a big difference after a long period in storage.

Schedule Your Service at Jaguar West Chester

Ready for a free multi-point inspection? Looking for answers to your Jaguar service questions or how to use paddle shifters? The service department at Jaguar West Chester is happy to help! Contact us for more information about your unused or under-driven Jaguar, and we’ll help you achieve the results you want!

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