Learn How to Sanitize Car in Coronavirus Season

2020 Jaguar F-Pace Interior

Whether picking up groceries in Chester Springs or driving to the pharmacy in Newtown Square, cars are essential in the Aston area – so how do you ensure that your vehicle remains as safe as possible? Learning how to sanitize car in coronavirus season can give you greater peace of mind before you head out on your next travels, and it’s not difficult to do. Let’s go through the steps.

Basic Driving Hygiene

Proper driving hygiene begins even before you step into your car. Before you leave your home, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you have a good cleaning or disinfecting product to sanitize surfaces you touch.
  • Utilize recommended safety gear like masks or bandannas, along with plastic or wool gloves to minimize skin contact.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before you leave the house and once you return.
  • Keep disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer in the car for extra precaution.

Car Sanitizing Materials

So, what’s the best way to sanitize the car of coronavirus? Basic disinfectant wipes and simple cleaners can be effective, but be careful not to damage your car’s finish during your scrub.

  • Regular soap and water can clean your car, but be gentle with delicate materials like vinyl and leather.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and bleach may be tough on germs, but they are also tough on your car’s finish.
  • Ammonia-based cleaners and glass cleaners are great on windows and windshields, but they may leave residue and glare on your dashboard and display screens.

Deep-Clean Process

When you drive, you come into contact with tons of different surfaces: steering wheel, radio settings, cupholders, climate controls, floor mats. And just as you’d wash your hands after leaving your house, it’s important to wipe down your car surfaces as well to sanitize the interior.

Here is a quick rundown of commonly touched surfaces:

  • Steering wheel
  • Radio control settings
  • Voice control settings
  • Cruise control settings
  • Navigation settings
  • Paddle shift levers
  • Gear selector lever
  • Turn indicator stalks
  • Console armrests
  • Display screens
  • Cupholders
  • Cubbyholes
  • Air conditioner vents
  • Door handles

Find Out More with Jaguar West Chester

We’ve gone over the basics of how to sanitize car against coronavirus, but what if you have additional questions? Whether you want to learn how to clean your E-PACE interior or schedule an appointment with detailing, feel free to send a message to Jaguar West Chester in West Chester for more information about healthy car habits.

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