The 2017 Jaguar XE Provides a First Taste of Iconic Sophistication

September 30th, 2015 by

Jaguar has a long-standing reputation for world-class sophistication and ground-breaking performance. It comes as no surprise that its models frequent the silver screen. Since its founding, those able to afford a Jaguar model rolled in a similar class as the secret agents that drove them in the movies. In 2016, however, Jaguar is looking to change things.

The highly anticipated, 2017 Jaguar XE provides an entry-level taste of British elegance.

It’s long hood, short rear and demanding stance make its design appealingly functional. Its sweeping silhouette is aerodynamic but also kind on the eyes. The Jaguar XE’s defining lines make it look like it’s constantly in motion, creating this overall adventuresome aura, even when standing still. Take a look in the interior, and you’ll find its commitment to luxury doesn’t falter. The plush cabin is decorated in one innovative technology after the next. And even when taking full advantage of Jaguar’s performance capabilities, both the driver and passengers feel nothing but complete serenity from within.

At Jaguar West Chester, this compact luxury sedan will be arriving in the coming months. We suggest those interested in it continue to refer back to our new inventory so that you are among the first to know when it arrives here in West Chester.

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